GlideSlope is a team of management advisors focused solely on the business of global sport. By tapping into the social and emotional undercurrents inherent in sport, we help our clients advance their business goals and effect change.

We are committed to offering unbiased counsel, providing a line of sight into the full set of possibilities existing firms often overlook. Through a mix of thought leadership, global experience, analytical rigor and creativity, we seize opportunities for growth and address the challenges that matter most to our clients.

The company was built on the simple promise that sport has the ability to impact lives and can therefore be leveraged as a business driver. Our depth and diversity of experience, coupled with our hands-on approach, delivers compelling results to companies looking to harness that unique power of sport to make a lasting, substantial impact.

We are collective of interested and interesting people who are passionate about our work, clients
and culture.

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Based on the discipline of a global management advisory, GlideSlope considers the crucial analysis and strategy needed to achieve business objectives.  Whether increasing market revenue, engaging executive management, strengthening relationships, motivating employees or creating cost-efficiencies, we have the tools and expertise to help our clients stand out on the global sport stage.

Our approach is decidedly different from other companies involved in sport, focused on delivering quality insights and bold ideas rather than activation elements.

At GlideSlope, we choose to offer a few core areas of expertise, and do so using a neutral,
objective lens.

Sport Strategy The exploration and development of an authentic, ownable sport strategy that is clear, cohesive and progressive across all intended product lines and business units – and aligned with a company’s overall vision and purpose. Learn More

Analytics & Insights Guided by our client's business priorities, A&I supports Sport Strategy by leveraging primary and secondary research to illuminate business-driving insights that shape our clients' interaction with sport. Learn More

Operational Architecture Comprehensive advisement on the mechanics of complex global sports initiatives to help achieve efficient, cost-effective, impactful execution. Learn More



We are honored to work with partners that share our passion for global sport.

Our strategic framework is proprietary and confidential. If you would like to learn more about our work with these brands, please email



A Ganar GlideSlope is working with Partners of the Americas to provide strategic guidance in partnership development and furthering A Ganar’s impact in the world of sport for development

The Warsaw Sports Marketing Center A cooperative agreement rooted in academic and applied research for practitioners and brands involved in global sport
and sponsorship.

New York University A partnership created to proactively engage the world's top sports marketers by creating "points of exchange" and
thought leadership.



The company was built on people with passion and purpose. We call ourselves the GlideSlope Collective, a diverse group of client executives, authors, lawyers, agency folk, entrepreneurs, creatives, Olympic Games and league experts who believe sport has the power to change the world. We are curious, honest, interested and interesting. And together, we think well, work hard, and go to great lengths for our clients and each other.


GlideSlope for Good

At GlideSlope, we believe companies have an obligation to address societal challenges and make a positive impact in the communities in which they operate. And by doing so, these organizations should also find tangible benefits for their shareholders, business, brand and employees. 

As the global agenda increasingly includes sport as a part of the conversation, GlideSlope is committed to helping guide some of the world’s leading organizations, from both the private and the public sectors, as they explore efforts to tie the business of sport to the need for social change. “Sport for development,” as we define it, is this use of sport as a tool to drive social impact goals and address development issues within a society. Sometimes this space has been referred to as “sport for good” or “sport for change,” among other titles.

By ingraining Sport for Development components into activations, brands can positively affect societal challenges. Just as importantly, they can simultaneously enable their sponsorship spends to lift their brand reputation scores, vividly promote company values, create new dialogue with public sector officials, and engage directly with socially and environmentally conscious customers and consumers.  

This intersection of business and social good is a fundamental part of GlideSlope’s mission, brand and people.  

GlideSlope for Good

For Brands Strategic guidance for brands looking to integrate social good partnerships and initiatives into their sports marketing and sponsorship strategy. Learn More

For Non-Profits & NGOs Strategic services for non-profits and NGOs who are either involved in sport for social good activities and looking to grow their reach or for those looking to break into
this sector. Learn More

For Glideslope Employees GlideSlope provides select pro bono projects, organized volunteer activities and corporate giving to inspire our current and
future employees. Learn More

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